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Exploring CIHI's Information Resources

Provides guidance in finding or otherwise accessing published and unpublished information from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

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Graeme Campbell

Creating a CIHI Profile


Some services available from CIHI are only available by creating a profile on the CIHI website and logging in.

When registering for a profile, you will be asked to identify your organization. This information will allow CIHI to assign your profile the appropriate access level. If you don't see your institution listed, you can contact CIHI and they can add it to the list. If you are unaffiliated with any organization, you also have the option to create a profile as an individual.

One you have created a profile and logged in, you will be able to see which services you are able to use.

CIHI services for non-Core Plan subscribers

For Queen's University researchers who are unaffiliated with a second external organization that is a CIHI Core Plan subscriber, the additional services available through a CIHI profile are limited.


eQuery allows users to submit questions—and search previously submitted questions and answers—related to "coding and abstracting, grouping methodologies, data file submission, institution file updates, reporting, data quality, education and business issues.” Other types of questions should be sent to CIHI's help email address, as found on their contact page.


The eStore provides access to priced and non-priced publications from CIHI. If you want to purchase a priced product, you will need to do this using the eStore.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre provides access to courses and other educational materials provided by CIHI.

Queen's qualifies for "Price A"

Universities are included in CIHI's list of "Price A" clients, and as such, Queen's researchers will normally qualify for a discount on courses and priced publications.  The discounted price should be reflected in the price you are shown if you are logged in using your profile.

CIHI services for Core Plan subscribers

If your institution is a Core Plan subscriber (Queen's University is not), you should contact CIHI to find out more about the services available to you.