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Research Guide for CJCA Student Editors

This guide provides an overview of the key research tools that volunteer student editors can use to locate sources that have been referenced in papers submitted to the CJCA.



For guidance on citing international treaties, see McGill Guide Rule 5.1 Treaties and Other Agreements.

Example: United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, 10 June 1958, 330 UNTS 38.

Finding Tools

Arbitral Rules


Arbitration rules are often found only on specific arbitral institutions' websites. Refer to McGill Guide Rule 1.6 Online Resources and Rule 6.18.1 Websites for guidance about citing sources from the Web. 

Example: Permanent Court of Arbitration, "Permanent Court of Arbitration Arbitration Rules 2012" (17 Dec 2012), online: <>.

Finding Tools

The international, regional, and national arbitral institutions all have websites providing the arbitral rules (detailed information on procedures) as well as subject-specific guidelines, like the SCC Arbitrator’s Guidelines. While most of the individual arbitral institutions are not listed in this section, you can simply search the name of the arbitral body using Google or another search engine.