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ENIN 200 Foundations of Entrepreneurship

about companies

Company websites
Show how the company is structured – product range and new products, target markets, geographic and line of business segments, locations, distribution channels, etc.
If the company is public, find key financial reports - annual reports or 10K’s under headings such as “Investor Relations” or “Our Company”. Also environment/sustainability reports. 

See Companies/Markets tab at the top. Global company and industry snapshots including financials, ranked lists of peers (competitors), and the latest news reports. 

Dun & Bradstreet's Directory profiles public and private US and Canadian companies. Includes company corporate trees. Can search by geographic region and industry code.

Provides financial information and profiles of U.S., Canadian and international companies, public and private. Includes officers, directors, government filings, economic indicators, industry sector reports.Includes the 'Investext' module - equity analyst reports from major investment banks and brokerage houses.