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ENIN 200 Foundations of Entrepreneurship

market research reports

Industry/market research reports will cover the more general sector(s) your product or service is in. They describe how the sector is structured – supply, demand and related industries; product segments, competitive landscape and sales and growth statistics.

Use these reports and numbers to situate your product or service and support your analysis.

Canadian, U.S. and global industry research. Search by keyword or browse by sector. Reports include competitors, SWOT, market size and growth statistics.

Passport (Euromonitor)
country demographics and economic conditions; consumer lifestyle profiles; sales volume, value and forecasts for retail products, major brands and companies globally.

Reports, hype cycles, magic quadrants on IT products, services and the sector. Analysis and advice for the users and vendors of technology. Some current reports are not available on our academic subscription.
Statistics and analysis of industry sectors, trade and the economy. 
United States Census Bureau 
United States Department of Commerce


National and international trade or Industry associations exist for most industry and service sectors. Web search using your industry keywords and the word “association” to find trade associations. These organizations often list member companies and provide statistics and reports about the industry.