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ENIN 200 Foundations of Entrepreneurship

consumer demographics & economic stats

Statistics Canada
   includes Census

Survey of Household Spending (Statistics Canada,current)
statistics on spending habits, dwelling characteristics and household purchases by Canadians
1997-2011 historical standard tables 

Conference Board e-library
Reports and data on national, provincial and metropolitan economc trends, also forecasts and industries. Filter by 'Topic' (menu on left) and see 'Metropolitan' for city and regional demographics and stats. Free registration required. 

Conference Board of Canada e-Data
Thousands of downloadable economic indicators via forecast and historical databases covering Canada, the Provinces, Metropolitan CMAs, Industry Sectors and the U.S. Also Consumer and Business Confidence datasets.
Includes regularly updated indicators for Canadian Forecast-5 yr, Provincial Forecast-5 yr, Index of Business Confidence, Index of Consumer Confidence, Provincial Forecast-20 yr, Canadian Forecast-20 yr, Metropolitan Forecast, Population and Household Formation Forecast, Territorial Forecast, Industrial Forecast, US Forecast, Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability, The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® (U.S)
contains over 3,655 Canadian and international datasets for the social sciences, includes public opinion polls
United States Census Bureau
Pew Research Center (U.S.)