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Indigenous Languages Revitalization

Resources to assist in Indigenous Language Learning, particularly for languages in close proximity to Queen's and/or taught at Queen's.

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Hannah Tanna
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On each language page, you will find several sections with different types of resources. These sections are described below.

  • Dictionaries and Grammars
    In this section you will find reference materials (dictionaries, thesauruses, etc) for an Indigenous language, as well as books on grammatical structures.
  • Learning Resources
    Resources in this section are generally divided into lessons, which can be used for individual self-study or by language teachers.
  • Reading Material
    In this section we have listed reading material in an Indigenous language that would not be considered a picture book nor a learning resource. Titles in this section include anthologies, novels, and explanations of traditional crafts

Helpful Links

Algonquian Linguistic Atlas
The goal of the project is to co-create an on-line, multimedia linguistic atlas of Algonquian languages. The atlas is becoming a portal hosting a shared digital infrastructure for on-line Algonquian dictionaries

Language Nests

The Kingston Native Centre and Language Nest (KNCLN) includes speakers of Mohawk, Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe), and Cree. 

Language Nests are an immersion-based, intergenerational approach to Indigenous languages revitalization. The model was first adopted by the Māori of New Zealand in the 1980s, and has since become popular among Indigenous groups internationally.

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