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Finding Books

Search Omni, the library catalog to find books, scores and other material formats. 

The default search in Omni is basic search with the scope of Queen's + Omni libraries (all the other Ontario university libraries using this same discovery tool). Apply Boolean operators: AND, OR or NOT in uppercase to focus your search.

Use AND to search all terms. Default setting.

beethoven AND fidelio AND overture AND disc

music AND theat* AND ancient AND (greece OR greek)
tango* AND (disc OR sound OR video*)
Use OR between words for synonyms. Broadens your search results victorian OR 19th OR nineteenth
Use NOT to exclude terms sculpture AND degas NOT rodin
Use quotation marks around phrases "moonlight sonata"
? for single character wildcard (useful for variable spellings) wom?n for woman, women
* for truncation (multiple character wildcard). Useful for variant endings. music* for music, musical, musician, musicians
brackets to group terms (nested searching) song* AND (inuit OR "first nations" OR metis OR indigenous)

Browsing by Call numbers

Browsing is another strategy for locating books. Scroll to the bottom of the Omni record to do a Virtual Browse. Examples:

   ML112.8-158 (bibliography/discography: by topic, composer)
   ML159-360 (history & criticism, by country)
   ML410 (composer biography/criticism)
   ML460-1380 (instruments & instrumental music, by country)
   ML3470-3541 (Popular music, by country, special kinds and styles)
   ML3545-3776 (National music: blues, folk, jazz, ethnic, etc.) 
   ML3797 (Musicology: methods of historical research)

Music Collection Call Numbers

Floorplan: Stauffer 2nd floor Music Collection. Items are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification.

Generally, items are shelved alphabetically in author order within each subject class number. 

  • M - Scores. Scores are shelved in 3 sections, by size: miniature (study scores), regular stacks and oversize.
  • ML - Books on music literature, history and criticism. The BIOGRAPHY/CRITICISM number for composers is ML410. Books are grouped in alphabetical order by the biographee/subject. e.g. Bruckner ML410 .B88
  • MT - Books on Music Theory, Teaching/pedagogy or Technique for instrumental/vocal study

Writing Guides for Music

How to write about music: the RILM manual of style. ML3797 .H69 2006

Music library and research skills. ML3797 .G68 2009

Writing about music: a style sheet.  ML3797 .W75 2014

Music research: a handbook. ML113 .S28 2009

Writing about music: an introductory guide. ML3797 .W54 2009