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MUTH 110: The Republic to Rationalism: History, Arts, and Performance I

MUTH110 Research Guide

Welcome to the library course guide for MUTH110: The Republic to Rationalism: History, Arts and Performance I, intended to serve as a point of departure for conducting your research. Use the tabs on the left to navigate through the various key or recommended resources, depending on your research need.

Connect to the proxy server using your NetID and password when accessing the Library's electronic resources from off-campus. You will be prompted when you try to access an electronic resource.

Where possible, Queen's University Library has what you need. What you can't find at Queen's, try RACER, our interlibrary loan service.


                           Credit: [Public domain], Wikimedia Commons


Credit: Artemisia Gentileschi: Self-Portrait with Lute, oil on canvas, 655×502 mm, c.1617-1618 (Hartford, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art)