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Queen's Continuing Teacher Education


CBC and Radio-Canada. Documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots, and more. To take advantage of campus features (such as creating playlists) you will need to create an account.

National Film Board
Over 1000 films are available free, 3000 available with an account. Also includes teaching guides. To take advantage of campus features such as creating playlists and chapters, you will need to create a profile.

Films on Demand
Humanities and Social Sciences video collections: Anthropology, Art & Architecture, Communication, Criminal Justice and Law, Education, English, History, Music & Dance, Philosophy & Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Technology & Society, World Languages.

Criterion on Demand
A large English and French streaming or download service with option of closed captioning.

A collection of Canadian video segments that is searchable by provincial curriculum subjects, grades, and strands. Includes PDF teacher guides when available, and content is downloadable.

Spotlight resource

10 Study Guides Every High School Teacher Can Rely On

"We’ve worked with educators from across the country to create study guides that will get your students talking and thinking critically about NFB films and the topics they explore. The activities give students a rich, dynamic and personalized learning experience. Check out our collection at; we have hundreds of films and activities geared towards secondary school students. Here are some thought-provoking titles, on a range of themes, to get you started." NFB