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SOCY 122 ASO Section 700: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Specific Journal or Article

Whether through reference lists or bibliographies in the course textbook, encyclopedias and other readings you may have done, in the course of your research you will come across specific articles or journals you wish to locate. 

A reference or citation to an article has two titles: title of the article and title of the periodical (journal, magazine or newspaper) in which the article is published. The following is a sample citation in ASA (American Sociological Association) style:

Waldfogel, Jane. 1997. “The Effect of Children on Women’s Wages.” American Sociological Review 62(2):209-17. 

In this citation, the title of the article is The Effect of Children on Women’s Wages” and the journal it is published in is American Sociological Review.

To determine if the article is available at Queen's: 

In the basic search box in Omni search for the title of the article (in quotation marks) and add additional information such as the author's name and title of the periodical (if necessary), then click Search:

known article search in Omni

The article record should appear in the top of your search results where you can then click on the article record and access the full text of the article:

(to enlarge this image, please right-select the image below and open it in a New Tab)

known article located using Omni​​Click on the article title to go into the record, where you can learn of your options for accessing it. If you encounter an article that is not available at Queen's, you may request it through interlibrary loan.

Journal Search

If you want to determine whether Queen's Library has a subscription to a specific journal, magazine or newspaper, use Journal Search and search on the title.

From the library homepage, select the Journals option located below the Omni search box (or, if you are already in Omni, you can locate Journal Search in the blue navigation area near the top of the screen):

Journals search

From within Omni:

Omni journal title search

Enter the name of the journal, click SEARCH. If the library has a subscription, the search results will provide you with options for accessing the journal - either in print, or online, depending on the subscription.  You are also given the option to search inside the journal by article keyword or keyword:

search inside: search for articles within this journal