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SOCY 122 ASO Section 700: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Author Search

When you want to find out which books Queen's Library owns by a particular author, or, if the book title is common (for example, Introduction to Sociology), perform an Author search, from the Advanced Search screen in Omni. You can also restrict your search to Queen's only (the default search is Queen's + Omni Libraries) or apply an Availability filter after performing your search .

For example, to determine what books Queen's Library has that are written by Karl Marx, do the following: 

1. Click on "Advanced Search"

2. In the "Search for" field, select Queen's

3. In the "Search filters" field select "Author/creator"

4. Choose "is (exact)"

5. Type author's name: last name first name

6. Select the appropriate "Resource Type" which in this case is books & ebooks

7. Click "Search"

[Chrome users: Right click and open image in new tab to view larger image}

The search results will list all of the books at Queen's Library that are written by Karl Marx.

Tips for Author Searches

  • Always type the last name of the author first, followed by a first name or initial
  • The name may be entered with or without the comma
  • Capitalization is not necessary


Use the Availability filter to filter to books that are Available in Queen's Library (physical books), or ebooks (Available online) or Open Access (freely available online):