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Using Zotero



This guide is designed specifically for Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS) Courses (e.g. APSC100 and APSC200/293)

Parts of this guide have been gratefully borrowed and modified from Jason Puckett's libguide and Princeton Library libguide



Download Zotero

What is Zotero?

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself. Zotero is a free bibliographic citation management software that allows you to save, collect, manage, cite, and share research sources. Zotero is available either as a standalone software that works with Zotero Connector with FirefoxChrome and Safari browsers. It doesn't work with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  It works right in your browser, making it easy to save you citations while you search. Use the Zotero word processor plugins to easily cite your sources and create a bibliography while you work.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA