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Zotero: A Beginner's Guide

Accessing your Zotero Library

You can access the saved citations into your librayr in different ways, if you use the web version of Zotero please note there is a new feature called "Web Library" as shown below where you can access your different libraries. Zotero library consists of three columns: 

  • The left column contains your library and all of your collections. To add a new collection click the folder button above My Library.
  • The middle column shows you the items in the collection selected in the left column. If My Library is selected the middle column displays all items in your library.
  • The right column shows information about the item selected in the middle column. This is where you can add notes and tags about an item or create a relationshipe between items in your library.

If you prefer to use the older version of Zotero library, please go to your account menu and select "Use old Web Library"

The older interface of Zotero group will appear and you can switch between the two interfaces easily 

If you use Zotero standalone you can move the items betweek libraries and groups by simply clicking and dragging them.

Note: If you select a collection, then close the Zotero pane, anything you add to Zotero will go directly into the selected collection.