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Asian Studies


Search Omni to find books, journals, videos and other materials owned by the Library.  You can search by keywords, author, title or subject headings.
To find a specific known item, search by title or author.  To find books on a topic, either try a subject or keyword search.

Subject Headings vs Keyword Searching

Subject headings allow you to search the library catalogue for resources on a particular author or topic and are often more productive than keyword searches. 
Keyword searches work best if you have multiple concepts or topics. Think of the words that best describe your topic and then connect them with the boolean operators AND OR NOT. Use the results to find relevant titles and identify assigned subject headings for your topic in order to find similar books. For example:
japan and women
china and "foreign trade"
Select useful titles and look at the full record for subject headings.
Women Employment Japan
Families Japan
Women japan Social conditions
Sex role Japan History
Examples of subject headings related to Asian Studies are:

Asia-Economic conditions
China-Politics and government
Genghis Khan, 1162-1227
Japan-Foreign relations-United States
Korea North
Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976
Nanking Massacre, Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 1937
Political culture-Asia
Social change-Asia


Cambridge Histories Online

Cambridge Histories Online  contains over 300 volumes published since 1960, covering over 15 different academic subjects. It is a great resource, as the books provide historical context and overview for a wide variety of historical eras, topics and subject. Included are the following titles.

The Cambridge History of China
DS735 .C3145
A comprehensive history covering Chinese history from the 3rd century BC to the death of Mao Tse-tung. Online, browse by region.

The Cambridge History of Japan 
DS835 .C36
Covers Ancient Japan to the twentieth century. Online, browse by region.

The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia
REF DS525 .C36

Covers Southeast Asia from early times into the twentieth century. Includes a bibliographic essay at the end of each chapter. Online, browse by region.

Other E-Book Collections

Provides full-text access to major works in American, European and Middle Eastern history. Topics covered include many aspects of history plus archaeology, area studies, art, folklore, literature, music, philosophy, political science, religion, and women's studies.
Blackwell publishes a series of books of historiographic essays on many topics in history. They are available online through Blackwell Reference Online.
Oxford Scholarship Online                        
offers full-text access to scholarly publishing in 20 subjects from around the world,
Provides access to about 600,000 electronic books (ebooks) Prom a wide variety of publishers.
UPSO includes titles from Oxford University Press and other partner presses.  QUL has access to selected titles, indicated by a green open lock icon on search results screens