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Asian Studies

Primary Sources & E-Texts

The works address significant events for the Asian American community, including the construction of the railroads in the nineteenth century, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and the Vietnam conflict; as well as issues related to assimilation, integration, and cultural identity in a Western context.


Online collection of digitized facsimile copies of unique manuscript materials. Includes interactive maps and rare, printed materials such as missionary periodicals, atlases and books.
Original manuscripts and documents related to colonial history, politics, culture and society. It covers Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Oceania and South Asia.
The Internet East Asian History Sourcebook provides links to documents on culture, religion, history, art, and literature in East Asia. Maintained through Fordham University
A digital collection of manuscripts of European travel writing from the later medieval period, focuses on journeys to central Asia and the Far East, including accounts of travel to Mongolia, Persia, India, China and South-East Asia.