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HLTH 235: Food Systems

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating your sources is a crucial step of the research process. You need to evaluate carefully each source to determine its appropriateness and quality.

Consult the library's Evaluating Sources Checklist for criteria used to judge information sources.

It is particularly important to evaluate information that you find on the Web. Go to Evaluating Web Sources for specific criteria used to analyze websites.

Evaluation criteria may include:

  • Currency: The timeliness of the information.
  • Relevance: The depth and importance of the information.
  • Authority: The source of the information.
  • Accuracy: The reliability of the information.
  • Purpose: The possible bias in the information.

Distinguishing Between Scholarly and Non-scholarly Sources

Consult the library’s Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals page in order to evaluate periodicals by looking at their content, purpose, and intended audience.