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HLTH 235: Food Systems

What is Grey Literature?

Grey literature is the term used to describe literature that is not formally published as a book or journal article.

It is produced by all levels of government, academia, NGOs, associations and professional organizations. For example, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Grey literature includes:

  • Conference proceedings
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Governmental or private sector research
  • Association websites
  • Statistical publications
  • Internal reports or working papers
  • Informal communication (such as blogs, podcasts)

Why Use Grey Literature?

Use grey literature to:

  • Supplement your search. 
  • Discover references to published literature that your database search might have missed.
  • Discover current and emergent research.
  • Find detailed information on programmes and policies.
  • To ensure that all voices are represented.

How Do I Find Grey Literature Sources?

Grey literature is not easily found and is often excluded from library databases. Some library databases contain grey literature in addition to journal articles. For example:

Please note, that there is some grey literature in Omni. For example, government information and theses.