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HLTH 235: Food Systems

Welcome and Overview


This guide will help you begin your research for HLTH 235: Food Systems.

The tabs in the left menu provide links to recommended sources; information on how to find books, journal articles, and grey literature; and links to evaluating sources and citation style and citation management support.

  • Getting Started: Recommended reference resources that provide you with an overview of your topic.
    • Types of Resources: Learn about the types of resources available. 
    • Search Strategies: Developing keywords or search terms.
    • Combining Concepts: Connecting keywords using Boolean operators.
  • Omni Overview: Search tips, using Boolean operators, and basic and advanced search strategies.
  • Books: Recommended search strategies and tips on how to use Omni to search for books on your topic.
  • Articles (Omni; Indexes and Databases): Learn how to search in multidisciplinary databases such as Omni and in discipline-specific databases to locate scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles on your topic. 
    • Journal Search: Search in specific journals for your topic.
  • Grey Literature: Learn about grey literature and how to locate and evaluate it.
  • Evaluating Sources: Guidance on evaluating sources.
  • Citing Sources and Citation Management: Links to citation style help guides and citation management software.

Off-campus Access

Off-campus access to electronic subscription resources (such as ebooks, databases and online articles) requires authentication by entering your Queen's University NetID and password when prompted.

Important Links