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New Faculty Orientation

Getting Published

The library offers a variety of supports to help you get published and to maximize the impact of your research. Contact your Subject Liaison Librarian or the Scholarly Publishing librarian to schedule a consultation.

While we can help with all aspects of the publishing process, most of our supports relate to publishing Open Access.

Open Access at Queen's

Open Access enables free and immediate access to scholarly research online, thus increasing exposure and potential impact both within the academy and beyond.

We can help you:

Publishing Funds

The library currently administers two funds that relate to publishing. They are: 

  • Queen's Scholarly Publishing Fund to support the costs of subventions (partial subsidies toward the cost of publishing scholarly works and are commonly requested by publishers and academic presses). Up to $5000 is available for direct subvention support, and you may also request support for up to $2000 for other publication costs such as professional indexing, copyright clearance/permissions, preparation of camera-ready text or graphics, obtaining translations or illustrations, or preparation and reproduction of materials such as maps that would enhance the publication. 
  • Open Educational Resources Fund to support the creation of new Open Educational Resources at Queen's. Up to $7500 is available to support the creation or adaptation of the primary educational resource for a course of study at Queen’s University such as textbooks, audio or video-based resources, interactive simulations, or instructional websites. The next call for proposals will be Winter 2024. 

Publishing and Dissemination Services

  • QSpace is an open access repository for scholarship and research produced at Queen’s University. Provided by the library, QSpace offers faculty, students, staff, and researchers a free and secure home to preserve and present their scholarship. Researchers can use QSpace to meet the requirements of the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications.
  • Open Journals And Open Monographs @ Queen's Host an Open Journal or Open Book Press using Open Journal Systems or Open Monograph Press.