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Case-Based Learning

Diagnostic Radiology



Emergency Medicine


MSK Examination Videos

Interactive Learning

Anatomy and Physiology Online

  • 19 modules provide a guided learning approach using clear 3D images and interactive models, narrated animations and illustrations, dissection slides you can label, clinical case studies, the impact of aging on each body systems, pronunciation guide, quizzes and much more.

CLIPP - Computer-Assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program

  • This web-based resource provides students with 32 interactive virtual patient cases on pediatric topics. While working through each case, students are encouraged to examine visual evidence, consult experts, answer questions, create a differential grid, and follow the case through to its conclusion. Access to this resource is available to individuals with Queen's email addresses. To register, click on the 'Register here' link and fill in the appropriate details.

RadCases via Medlantis

  • Test yourself with Thieme RadCases: 3,000 interactive case studies hone diagnostic skills in every subspecialty. Ideal prep for clinical rotations or prior to board exams.