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Chemical Engineering

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Browsing the Stacks

Books on chemical engineering and related topics are shelved under the following call number ranges.

TP1-1185 Chemical technology
TP155-156 Chemical engineering
TP200-248 Chemicals: manufacture, use, etc.
TP248.13-248.65 Biotechnology
TP250-261 Industrial electrochemistry
TP267-301 Explosives and pyrotechnics
TP315-360 Fuel
TP670-699 Oils, fats and waxes
TP690-692.5 Petroleum refining. Petroleum products
TP700-746 Illuminating industries (nonelectric)   
TP751-762 Gas industry
TP785-869 Clay industries, ceramics, glass
TP875-888 Cement industries
TP890-933 Textile bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.
TP934-945 Paints, pigments, varnishes, etc.
TP1080-1185 Polymers and polymer manufacture