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Dataverse Data Deposit Guidelines

QUL Support for Dataverse

Queen's University Libraries can help you to enhance and simplify your Dataverse experience.

Current support includes:

Consultation and Training

We offer in-person and online consultation that includes Dataverse training, support and instruction. Training and support can be curated to individuals, small groups, research labs or classes. 

Mediated Deposit

In a mediated deposit you provide Data Services with your data and documentation and we deposit them into Dataverse. As part of the service, we review your data and documentation to make sure all the files are properly described (see How we review data ) and will provide suggestions if required. The dataset will be published in Dataverse after you have reviewed our recommendations and resubmitted the data.  

Requesting an Embargo

Embargoes can be requested for datasets that cannot be published right away. Whether you use self-deposit or do a mediated deposit, a dataset record with your data and documentation can be created and then left unpublished in Dataverse until you're embargo is over. The benefit of this is that you will be assigned a DOI that can be used in your article or publication to link with your data (note: the DOI for your data will not work until the dataset is published in Dataverse). Once your embargo is over the dataset can be published by either contacting us to have it published or by logging in and changing the dataset to published.

Publishing datasets with file restrictions

Once a dataset is created, individual files can be restricted prior to publishing the dataset record. The metadata would be public and the DOI link would work, but users would have to request access to use the restricted files. We recommend that if you need to restrict files that, at a minimum, the documentation describing the dataset be left open for users to review. 

Linking your Dataset with QSpace

Once your thesis or publication is added to QSpace it can be linked with your data in Dataverse. Send us the QSpace link and we will add it under Related Publications in Dataverse. The DOI link from Dataverse will also be added to your QSpace record. 

Linking Data with your Publications

The data in your Dataverse deposit may support, or be related, to another publication that you've released on the web. We encourage and support the linking of scholarly works, and can ensure that related publications are discoverable in your dataverse record. Please notify us of any related publications that should be linked with the data by providing us with a DOI or URL.