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Dataverse Data Deposit Guidelines

File Naming

Use consistent and comprehensible file names and file structures.

Following proper file naming conventions makes it easier to navigate and find specific files, and allows other researchers to understand and reuse your dataset.

    Name files consistently

Queen's library expects that data files are consistent and comprehensible. File naming is unique to each project, but there are some general guidelines for naming your files which we recommend:

  • Name files consistently
  • Include contextual information (project name, type of data, name of creator, etc.)
  • Keep files names short (< 25 characters) but meaningful
  • Do not use spaces.
  • Use capital letters to delimit words, hyphens, or underscores
  • Do not use non-alphanumeric characters
  • Denote dates using ISO8601 standard YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2019-01-10).

Example: ProjectGalapagos_MarineIguana_Counts_SantaCruz_ST_20180122.csv 

In addition to these general guidelines:

  • Use filenames to indicate new versions (can be done by sequential order or by date and time)
  • Do not rely on file folder structure to organize your files, and ensure names are descriptive enough to be understood independently
  • If files cannot be easily renamed, describe them in a ReadMe file