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Dataverse Data Deposit Guidelines

Address Privacy Risks

Guided by Queen’s Research Ethics policies, QUL will consult with researchers to ensure that data (e.g. human-subject data) are de-identified and anonymized. For more information, see Best Practices in Data Management. For sensitive data, QUL will consult with researchers to take appropriate steps to ensure the protection of respondent privacy.

Sensitive and responsive to intellectual property arrangements

In cases involving intellectual property, appropriate access restrictions will be established in consultation with the researcher. Contractual and other licensing issues will be taken into consideration.

Ethical Issues:

  • All sensitive information in your data should be redacted (removed) before depositing in a public archive or repository.
  • Access to data may need to be embargoed (limited for a certain amount of time) in order to ensure privacy.
  • Queen's University has specific Research Ethics Policies for research on human subjects.
  • Be aware of the ownership and intellectual property rights concerning your data.
  • The Queen's University General Research Ethics Board (GREB) provides letter of information and consent form resources
  • Health science researchers should refer to the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board (HSREB).

In addition, Queen's University has a Electronic Information Security Policy Framework designed to preserve the integrity and reliability of the University's IT infrastructure and the confidentiality of valuable or sensitive information.  All members of the Queen's community have a responsibility to be aware of, and adhere to, this policy.