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Dataverse Data Deposit Guidelines

Add & Edit Data


  • Choose Queen’s University from the down drop list
  • Enter your NetID and password

You will be redirected to the Queen’s Dataverse where you can start creating a dataset.

Create a Dataset

Click +Add Data, and choose New Dataset from the dropdown menu

  • Select a dataset Template for the desired Creative Commons license (default license is CC0)
    • Note: Be aware: selecting a template will clear all other data fields, so do this first.
  • Fill in Required Metadata fields marked with a *
    • Note: many more metadata fields become available for editing after your dataset is saved.

  • If desired, fill in additional metadata fields. RECOMMENDED: Keywords, Related Publications.
  • You can save the dataset without adding any files.

Upload Data Files

The Files section is at the bottom of the page, below the Citation Metadata.

  • Drag and drop files from your desktop, or +Select Files To Add, or Upload from Dropbox.
  • Max file size: 2.5Gb. If your files are too large, try putting them into a Zip file, or contact Data Services for help.
  • Describe the files: Title, Description, Tags. People can’t use your data if they don’t know what it is!

Save Changes

Click Save Changes button. This saves the dataset in Draft form; it is not yet published nor publicly visible.

  • You can assign a Private URL to share your dataset with colleagues or a journal without publishing the data.

Edit your Dataset (Optional)

You can edit elements of your dataset at any time using the Files, Metadata, and Terms (license and use permissions) tabs at the bottom of the page. Files can be Restricted so they are available only on request.