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Search Omni to locate books & ebooks at Queen's

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Check out the Library's Omni Search Tips or email us.

Find Books by Title

1. Go to the Omni Advanced Search.

2. Change Any Field to Title

3. Change contains to starts with or is (exact), depending on what you know

4. Type in the title:  do not use the, a

5. Change Resource Type to Books & eBooks

Find Books by Subject

1. Go to the Omni Advanced Search.

2. Leave Any Field as the search field.

3. Choose Contains or is(exact) as appropriate

4. Type in the key words, using "quotation marks" to keep phrases together and * to allow alternate word endings.

5. Change Resource Type to Books & eBooks

Omni topic search

To limit to ebooks only, select Available online from the Modify your results options.

Change Sort by Relevance to Sort by Date-Newest is available, although the relevance factor is frequently lost when sorting by date.

A better date option may be to Refine by Publication Date.

eBook Collections

Can't find a title you want? Ask your Education librarian if an ebook purchase is possible.  Many ebooks can be made available within hours.

Renew Your Books

STUDENTS, STAFF, & FACULTY:  Renew your books by clicking SIGN ON on the top corner of the Omni search page. Use your Queen's netID to access your Omni account.

TEACHERS:  To create an Omni account so you can renew your items online, go to the non-Queen's logon by clicking SIGN ON on the top corner of the Omni search page.  Use the barcode that is on your library card as your username.  The first time you log in, click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? to create yourself a password.  Contact our Service Desk if you have questions or want to renew your items by phone:  613-533-2191.