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Intermediate Senior Health and Physical Education

Video Streaming Collections

Documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots and more — thousands of programs and resources can be accessed on this site. Includes English and French language content.

Creating a account

  • Access
  • Under the LOGIN tab on the homepage
  • Follow the “Got an access code?” option
  • Enter the following access code: TSWA-FALZ


 - National Film Board's online Screening Room:

Over 1,000 NFB films are free to all Canadians. Queen’s Library also has an additional account giving access to 3,000 films for classrooms.  Also check the NFB teaching guides

Creating a profile

    • To take advantage of campus features such as creating personal playlists, you will need to create a profile.
    • To create a profile please click on the link below and follow the instructions on the site:
    • create a profile
    • Note: when searching for Queen's University include the apostrophe.


News in Review

News in Review series presents news from The National in more depth than given in the broadcast. It is under Channels at Curio.



ON-Core Videostreaming 
Canadian content aligned to K-12 Ontario curriculum.

Examples: A desert between us and them: Raiders, traitors and refugees in the War of 1812.

Canada 1812: The Anishinabek - The Anishinabek helped the British during the War of 1812, but their contributions were forgotten after the war, and they lost territories.




8,300 downloadable videos, video clips, audio files, speeches, images, newsreels, & articles from  Encyclopedia Britannica. Licensed by Ontario Ministry of Education (via OSAPAC) for publicly-funded  schools, First Nation's schools, and Ontario Faculties of Education. Has Ontario curriculum  correlations. Visit the Education Library homepage for a password required to access Learn360.

Films on Demand: Humanities and Social Sciences Video Collections: Anthropology, Art & Architecture, Communication, Criminal Justice and Law, Education, English, History, Music & Dance, Philosophy & Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Technology & Society, World Languages.

Sports concussions and youth athletes [Video file]. (2013).

U.SNational Archives has several video series including Tracing World War II

Annenberg Video:  See how to teach primary sources and use the interactive student module to learn about historical contexts (under interactive)

Frontline:  Teacher lesson plans and activities
See Digital nation describing use of technology in high schools

On campus: >> Video collections >> Films on Demand

Off campus: >> Connect from Off-Campus >> Video collections

Access is for all Queen’s users.

Streaming Video example


Teacher Candidates have access to many video-streaming collections. Some are password-protected for use by the Faculty of Education only. Others are licensed for the entire Queen's campus. All passwords for Teacher Candidates and Concurrent Education Students are an encrypted Passwords file. The password to open this file was distributed via the TC list. For help, email us at