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Intermediate Senior Health and Physical Education

Sources for Lesson Ideas

Ophea's H&PE Secondary Resources support teachers in helping students acquire the physical and health literacy skills needed to thrive in the 21st century and lead a healthy, active life.

To access the lesson plans once you are on the Secondary Resources page, click the grey button in the bottom right corner of the screen (NOT the yellow login button at the top).

This comprehensive resource include 6 interconnected yet standalone components that provide adaptable content to address diverse contexts, and student needs/interests:

  • Effective Planning in H&PE
  • Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) Sample Unit Plans
  • Movement Competence Posters
  • Approaches to Teaching Healthy Living: A Guide for Secondary Educators 
  • Focus Course Planning Guide
  • Assessment and Evaluation Tools

There is also a French version of the H&PE Secondary Resources


You can access all of the H&PE Secondary Resources content by clicking on the right sidebar (Healthy Living, Movement Competence and Active Living) or along the top. You are not required to create an individual account.

The textbook tab above will provide many lesson plans for classroom use.

You can also search Education Source for "lesson plans" and "nutrition" and "secondary" for example.

OPHEA Downloads

The poster is designed to encourage reflection and strengthen your knowledge about the curriculum as you bring the principle of Physical and Emotional Safety alive in practice. It also offers a quick and easy way to bring the curriculum to life as you provide students with a physically and emotionally safe learning environment that recognises and respects the diversity of all children and youth.

Please Note: This resource is available as a free download in English and French.

OPHEA provides one thousand plus downloadable lesson plans addressing Ontario H&PE Curriculum expectations for K-8 and 9-12.

Go to . Click on the Databases tab.  Search:  OPHEA., and supply the password as found on the password page.


You will find a password protected PDF with all the passwords to give you access to the companion materials to the approved textbooks on the Education Library homepage. You can contact me, or call us 613 533-2191 or 1-866-267-7406, should you forget the path.