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Kindergarten Resources

This guide offers recommendations for teacher candidates seeking resources for their Kindergarten classrooms and for their own professional learning in early years learning.

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The Kindergarten Program (Ontario)

Ontario Kindergarten Program document

The Kindergarten program "recognizes that, today and in the future, children need to be critically literate in order to synthesize information, make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and thrive in an ever-changing global community.

It is important for children to be connected to the curriculum, and to see themselves in what is taught, how it is taught, and how it applies to the world at large. "-- Preface, The Kindergarten Program, 2016.

Kindergarten Resources from Other Provinces

Top 8 Book Recommendations

Meet Our Guest Editor

Hi everyone, my name is Urooj. I graduated Seneca College with honours and obtained a diploma in Early Childhood  Education. I completed my studies at Nipissing University with distinction and have a degree in Child & Family Studies and a sociology minor.

I am in my last year at Queen’s University. The concentration I am enrolled in is called Early Primary Education. My alternative practicum is to research and develop high-quality kindergarten resources for Teacher Candidates to benefit from. My alternative experience has been an opportunity to collaborate with the Queen's Education Library and share ideas to help teacher candidates find accessible sources for Kindergarten settings and to support you with coursework.

We set this guide up because we felt that the Full Day Kindergarten program should be promoted a lot more in class courses. I completed two placements in Full Day Kindergarten and believe that play based learning is important for children’s development.

 “The Kindergarten Program” (2016) document is an important starting place to get information and I used this to guide me to creating this guide. On the left side of the page, I focused on Belonging and Contributing, Self-Regulation and Well-Being, Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours, Problem Solving, and Learning Centers/ Assessments for the guide.

You can have access to the document by getting it at the Education Library and/ or finding it online. Also, I have provided you with various video links, current articles from experts, materials, and children’s books.

Take advantage of the big sized books as well in the teacher resource material room in the library. If you have any questions please contact me at . I hope you find what you are looking for and more.