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Kindergarten Resources

This guide offers recommendations for teacher candidates seeking resources for their Kindergarten classrooms and for their own professional learning in early years learning.

Belonging and Contributing

Kindergarten program cover “The feeling of belonging, in the widest sense, contributes to inner well-being, security, and identity. Children need to know that they are accepted for who they are. They should know that what they do can make a difference and that they can explore and try out new activities. … [The program] should recognise, acknowledge, and build on each child’s special strengths and allow each to make a contribution or to “make his or her mark”, acknowledging that each child has the right to active and equitable participation in the community.” (New Zealand Ministry of Education, Te Wha¯ riki: Early Childhood Curriculum, 1996, pp. 54, 64). -- The Kindergarten Program, 2016.

Educators should help children to develop a positive self-image about themselves. Teachers need a set up a supportive, respectful, and accepting learning environment for all students. They also need to teach students that families differ from each other. This can be done by reading books to children about families. A good book to read to a kindergarten class is “Heather has Two Mommies.” Children will learn that families are diverse. The teacher can ask the students to bring in pictures of their families and this can be displayed at the children’s eye level. Children need to feel valued.