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Kindergarten Resources

This guide offers recommendations for teacher candidates seeking resources for their Kindergarten classrooms and for their own professional learning in early years learning.

Problem Solving and Innovating

Kindergarten program cover Children develop a sense of appreciation for human creativity and innovation … [by] Bringing all their senses to exploring the constructed world … [and by] Learning to appreciate beauty, creativity and innovation in art, architecture, and technologies. (New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, For Now. For Life. Be Ready: New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care, 2007, pp. 157, 176).--The Kindergarten Program. (2016). 

This frame explores how can learn naturally in an open-ended environment. Children can learn through inquiry which is huge is kindergarten classrooms. Outdoor education is important because children can learn about nature which can lead to engagement in creative thinking, questioning, problem solving, observing, and perhaps interacting with classmates. Something children might be interested is plants. The teacher may enhance their curiosity by providing them with books, videos, art activities involving plants. Students may benefit from sensory play and hands-on exploring.