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A guide to available modern and historical newspapers.

News Services

Organized chronologically, these publications provide overviews of significant events in a given period of time.

Annual Register, or a view of the history, politics and literature for the year […]
via Eighteenth Century Collections Online (1758-1799)
Annual Register: a Record of World Events
REF D2.A6R (latest ten volumes)
D2.A6R from 1800- (some gaps; minus latest ten volumes)
Provides essay-format coverage of events, structured geographically (ie: the 2003 vol. covers events of that year in each country), and includes essays on select subjects and overviews of the year's events.
Canadian News Facts (1997-2001) search via CPI.Q Canadian resource
Storage (1967-2001; some gaps)
Organized chronologically, each issue provides short entries on subjects such as "Canadian Unity" and "Labour". Issues are published weekly, and compiled into yearly volumes, each with a name, title and subject index.

Keesing's World News

Keesing’s Contemporary Archives 1931-1986
Keesing's Record of World Events 1987-2015
Published monthly, each issue provides short summaries of one or two major news events in every country. Print issues are compiled in yearly volumes, which include a subject and name index for that year. Has name and subject indexes in separate volumes for 1987-present (see Omni).