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A guide to available modern and historical newspapers.

Recent Newspapers

Use the databases listed below to find articles from national, regional, and foreign newspapers from the late 20th century to the present.
Selected Newspapers provides holdings of individual titles such as the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.


Full text articles from major Canadian newspapers. Content updated daily. Globe & Mail and Toronto Star coverage includes today's paper; 2-day embargo period for most other papers.

Provides access to today's newspapers from around the world in over 55 languages. 


Provides access to over 2,000 newspapers from around the world in over 55 languages. 

National and international newspapers and newswires. Due to publisher restrictions, some titles are blocked for academic institution access.

Ethnic NewsWatch
Interdisciplinary, with a focus on publications from ethnic, minority and native presses.

Hundreds of media sources and thousands of thematic and regional news sites in numerous languages.
Access to articles in the AllAfrica archive including top news of the day, country, regional, and topcial news, business news and feeds. 

Databases that index newspaper articles

ProQuest One Business
Includes several less prominent American newspapers.

Alternative Press Index
Indexes alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines. The focus is mostly American, but there are some Canadian, Australian and other international publications indexed.

Canadian Business and Current Affairs Canadian resource
Includes newspapers, newswires, magazines, and newsletters and coverage of television and radio transcripts.

Gender Studies Database
To search newspapers or newspaper articles exclusively, select those options from the 'publication type' menu before searching. Includes articles from national and regional press, and smaller community and special-focus publications such as Surviv News.

Regional Business News
75 business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Full text.

Academic Search Complete
Under Publication Type, select Newspaper.

China Academic Journals

ViewsWire - Business intelligence on 203 countries
Economist Intelligence Unit provides daily information about key economic, political and market developments around the world.