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A guide to available modern and historical newspapers.


This section covers a small selection of newspapers available in Stauffer Library and online, which are of frequent interest to researchers.


Whig-Standard 1926-
Publishing History of the Kingston Whig-Standard and its Predecessors
  • British Whig 1834-1926 (merged with Daily Standard to form Whig-Standard in 1926)
  • Daily British Whig 1849-1926 check Omni for microfilm and folio holdings (incomplete)
  • Weekly British Whig 1834-1926 check Omni for microfilm holdings (incomplete)
    online: Feb. 11, 1834-1901 via INK-ODW Newspaper Collection
  • Daily Standard 1908-1926   check Omni for microfilm holdings
  • Daily News 1851-1903   (continued 1908-1926 as Daily standard)
  • 1851-1901  check Omni for microfilm holdings (incomplete)
  • 1862-1864  online via Paper of Record
Selective Pre-1926 Kingston Newspapers:
Indexes for Kingston Newspapers Prior to 1985:
Digital Kingston
A collection of digitized source material from rare and special collections. Includes the KFPL's index to the Kingston Whig-Standard and its predecessors from 1810-1848.
How to Find Kingston Frontenac Newspapers (Kingston Frontenac Public Library)
Part 1  How to Browse all Dates
Part 2  Search 1810-1926
Part 3  Index 1810-1849
Globe and Mail
Current news, check Pressreader. Access is restricted to on-campus use only.
1844-  Microfilm AN5.6.T67G55
1844-  Globe and Mail from 1844 (excluding latest 3-4 years)
11/1977-  Canadian Newsstream
11/1977-  Factiva
1985-  Gale CPI.Q
Hill Times  (Newspaper of Parliament)
12/1997-   Access online via Omni
National Post
10/1998-2010  Microfilm AN5.6.T67N386
11/1998-  Factiva (Includes Financial Post from 1990- )
10/1998-  Canadian Newsstream (delayed 1 day)
Financial Post
1907-1998  Stauffer Microfilms (HG3.F53t)
1990-   Factiva (search the National Post)
10/1998-   Canadian Newsstream (delayed 1 day; search the National Post)
1985-10/1998   Canadian Newsstream
1907-1948   Index to the Financial Post   REF HG3 .F52 1990u
1920-1976   Canadian Periodical Index   REF AI3 .C21
1988-1999   CPI.Q
Ottawa Citizen
1846-1997  Microfilm AN5.6 .O88 C58 (with gaps)
9/1985-   Canadian Newsstream (delayed 1 day)
2001-   Factiva
Toronto Star
1892-   Microfilm AN5.6.T67 T67
1894-   Pages of the Past (excluding latest 3 years)
1985-   Canadian Newsstream
1986-   Factiva
The Gazette (Montreal)

United States

Atlanta Constitution
1986-   Factiva
Boston Globe
Chicago Defender
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Microfilm: AN2.B6 C56 (1965-1996)
1988-1 day ago Factiva
1908-1999 Proquest Historical Newspapers
Hartford Courant
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
1851-   Microfilm AN2.N5N48
1980-   Factiva
1851-2009   ProQuest Historical Newspapers
Wall Street Journal
1945-2013  Microfilm HG1.W3t
June 1979-   Factiva
1984-  ProQuest
Washington Post
1968-1996   Microfilm AN2.W3 W37 (Stauffer Compact)
6/1984-  Factiva

Great Britain

Illustrated London News
1842-2003  Historical Archive
1821- Microfilm AN4.L6G8

1981-  Factiva

On 24 August 1959, The Manchester Guardian changed its name to The Guardian. This change reflected the growing prominence of national and international affairs in the newspaper.  In September 1961, The Guardian, which had previously only been published in Manchester, began to be printed in London.

The Times (London)
1785-  Microfilm AN4.L6T56 (excluding latest 2-3 months)
1785-2019  The Times Digital Archive
1981-  Factiva

   1906-1950  Microfilm AI21.T5