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A guide to available modern and historical newspapers.


This section covers a small selection of newspapers available in Stauffer Library and online, which are of frequent interest to researchers.


Whig-Standard 1926-
  • Current newspapers: held until microfilm received.
  • 1926- Microfilm AN5.6.K56B75 (check QCAT)
  • 1989- Sun Media
  • 1985- 5/2006 Canadian Newsstand (1993 not available)
Publishing History of the Kingston Whig-Standard and its Predecessors
  • British Whig 1834-1926 (merged with Daily Standard to form Whig-Standard in 1926)
  • Daily British Whig 1849-1926 check QCAT for microfilm and folio holdings (incomplete)
  • Weekly British Whig 1834-1926 check QCAT for microfilm holdings (incomplete)
    online: Feb. 11, 1834-1901 via INK-ODW Newspaper Collection
  • Daily Standard 1908-1926   check QCAT for microfilm holdings
  • Daily News 1851-1903   (continued 1908-1926 as Daily standard)
  • 1851-1901  check QCAT for microfilm holdings (incomplete)
  • 1862-1864  online via Paper of Record
Selective Pre-1926 Kingston Newspapers:
Indexes for Kingston Newspapers Prior to 1985:
Globe and Mail
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1844-  Microfilm AN5.6.T67G55
1844-  Canada's Heritage from 1844 (excluding latest 3-4 years)
11/1977-  Canadian Newsstand
11/1977-  Factiva
1985-  Gale CPI.Q
Hill Times
12/1997-   Access online via QCAT
National Post
10/1998-2010  Microfilm AN5.6.T67N386
11/1998-  Factiva (Includes Financial Post from 1990- )
10/1998-  Canadian Newsstand (delayed 1 day)
Financial Post
1907-1998  Stauffer Microfilms (HG3.F53t)
1990-   Factiva (search the National Post)
10/1998-   Canadian Newsstand (delayed 1 day; search the National Post)
1985-10/1998   Canadian Newsstand
1907-1948   Index to the Financial Post   REF HG3 .F52 1990u
1920-1976   Canadian Periodical Index   REF AI3 .C21
1988-1999   CPI.Q
Ottawa Citizen
1846-1997  Microfilm AN5.6 .O88 C58 (with gaps)
1985-   Canadian Newsstand (delayed 1 day)
2001-   Factiva
Toronto Star
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1892-   Microfilm AN5.6.T67 T67
2010-2-3 months ago   ProQuest Digital Microfilm (Works well with Firefox)
1894-   Pages of the Past (excluding latest 3 years)
1985-   Canadian Newsstand
1986-   Factiva

United States

Atlanta Constitution
1986-   Factiva
Boston Globe
Chicago Defender
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Microfilm: AN2.B6 C56 (1965-1996)
1988-1 day ago Factiva
1908-1999 Proquest Historical Newspapers
Hartford Courant
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1851-   Microfilm AN2.N5N48
1980-   Factiva
1851-2009   ProQuest Historical Newspapers Includes Index 1851-1993
Wall Street Journal
1945-2013  Microfilm HG1.W3t
June 1979-   Factiva
Washington Post
1968-1996   Microfilm AN2.W3 W37 (Stauffer Compact)
June 1984-  Factiva
1877-1996 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Great Britain

Illustrated London News
1842-2003  Historical Archive
Manchester Guardian
1981-  Factiva
The Times (London)
1785-  Microfilm AN4.L6T56 (excluding latest 2-3 months)
1785-1985  The Times Digital Archive
1981-  Factiva
1906-1950  Microfilm AI21.T5
1951-July 2013  REF AI21.T5 (Index Shelves)
Guardian London
2010-2 -3 months ago   ProQuest Digital Microfilm (Works well with Firefox)