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Political Studies

Country Reports

Use indexes (databases) to find articles about a country.
Some useful databases:
BBC News
On the left sidebar, click on "Country Profiles"; then select a country. Information includes history, politics, and economic background as well as links to audio and video clips
The world's constitutions to read, search and compare.
Country Statistical Yearbooks
University of Wisconsin's research guide to country statistical yearbooks or similar collections for 111 countries worldwide.

International Monetary Fund
Select "Countries".
OECD Economic Surveys
ZZ EC33... (Documents Reference and Compact Shelving)
Full text of OECD books, periodicals, and statistical databases.
World Bank. Documents and Reports
Select "Browse by country".
United Nations. Statistical Yearbook
UN4 ESA100 S79 (Documents Reference)
United Nations. Demographic Yearbook
UN4 ESA100 D29 (Documents Reference)
UN9 MF I52 (Documents Reference)
Trade Analyser (World Trade Database)
Find more statistics sources
Index to International Statistics (IIS)
US7 CIS I53 (Documents Reference)
Look up your topic or country in the Index volume. Using the item number, go to the Abstract volume to find the title. Then look up the title in Omni.
UN1 DP H72 (Documents Reference)
World Economic Forum. Global Competitiveness Report
SY7 WEF W51 (Documents Reference)