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PROF 310 Library Guide

Here you will find assistance to support work assigned in PROF 310.

Quick Links

Find Other Texts on Your Social Position

Omni, the Library's Comprehensive Discovery Database

In the BASIC search, use "quotation marks" around phrases, * to find alternate endings. Use OR, NOT, to expand or narrow searches.  Omni defaults to applying AND to all terms and phrases. If appropriate, use the options on the left sidebar to modify your results to only articles, online, for a specific date range.


Education Source or Academic Search Complete (multidisciplinary)

education source search


Google and Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar from this link or another link on the Queen's web site to ensure that you are prompted to sign in if you are off campus.  This provides you with access to the journal content Queen's U Library subscribes to for you.

Use Google / Google Scholar operators "quotation marks", intitle:"keywords you want in the title",  filetype:pdf, OR

Canadian Major Dailies

For more journal and newspaper databases, see the Find Articles page on the Education Guide or select a Subject Guide that connects to your topic.

Canadian Business & Current Affairs (CBCA)

CBCA is a multi-disciplinary database that includes education literature.  If you want to find out if a topic has been discussed in Canadian education journals this is your source to search.