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SOCY 122: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Course guide library research tutorial

word cloud of concepts addressed in this tutorial

Welcome to the Introduction to Academic Library Research tutorial. This tutorial is designed to introduce students in SOCY 122: Introduction to Sociology to the Queen's University Library system, library research tools that will enable you to locate books and scholarly journal articles for your coursework in SOCY 122, and the skills required to search them effectively and efficiently.

One of the objectives of SOCY 122: Introduction to Sociology is to provide you with an opportunity to develop your academic library research skills. The major assignments in SOCY 122 require you to generate written arguments supported with quality academic materials, specifically books and scholarly journal articles.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • select appropriate resources to search for and locate sociological information
  • implement a variety of search strategies in order to find information effectively and efficiently
  • evaluate sources critically in order to determine what information to incorporate and what to reject
  • cite research in the appropriate documentation style for SOCY 122


A quiz, based upon information covered in this tutorial, is worth 5% of your final grade, and is located in your SOCY 122 OnQ course website.