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SOCY 122: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Course guide library research tutorial

Author Search

When you want to find out what Queen's Library owns by a particular author, or, if the title is common (for example, Introduction to Sociology), perform an author search.

A search for books written by the Karl Marx would be entered as: marx karl

enter author's name as last name first name

  • Enter the author’s name (last name first name) in the Search box
  • Select Author in the within box
  • Click the Search box to begin searching
  • Click the author's name in the search results to be presented with the title or titles owned by the Library

Tips for Author Searches

  • Always type the last name of the author first, followed by a first name or initial
  • The name may be entered with or without the comma
  • Use a space for a hyphenated name
  • Capitalization is not necessary