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SOCY 122: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Course guide library research tutorial

Types of Articles

Articles are one of the best sources of information on any given topic. They can contain news, detailed analysis, or the results of a scientific study. Issued "periodically" in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or irregular intervals, articles are found in a variety of publications including journals, magazines and newspapers. These publications can be in print and/or online. The second floor of Stauffer library contains the print journals (both current and bound volumes) to which the library subscribes. The library subscribes to many more online journals, magazines and newspapers.

Scholarly Journals

Articles in scholarly journals are a critical source of authoritative information, as they contain the results of original academic research or experimentation. Scholarly journals are also referred to as "academic," "peer-reviewed," or "refereed" journals. Using scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles is frequently a requirement in many course assignments, including those in SOCY 122.

Characteristics of Newspapers, Magazines & Journals

For clarification on the characteristics of and comparison between newspapers, magazines and journals, refer to this handout.