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SOCY 122: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Course guide library research tutorial

Book Title Search

When you know the exact title of the book (or other item) that you need, perform a title search.

Here's an example of a reference (also known as a citation) to a book:

Mills, C. Wright. 1959. The Sociological Imagination. New York: Oxford University Press.

To locate this item in the Library Catalogue:

  • Enter title in the Search box
  • Select Title Exact in the within box
  • Click the Search box to begin searching

title search in qcat

Tips for Exact Title Search

  • Omit initial articles (a, an, the, etc.)
  • Capitalization is not necessary
  • Exact word order is necessary, but you don’t need to enter the full title (which is especially useful when the title is very long).