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Standards and Codes

Standards and Interlibrary Loan

Due to licensing restrictions it is generally not possible to interlibrary loan standards. Check with a librarian before requesting a standard via interlibrary loan. You may purchase standards directly from organizations or one of the vendors listed below. If you would like to recommend a standard for the library's collection, please contact your liaison librarian.


Engineering & Science Library

Reference Assistant

Tracy Vyse

Liaison Librarians

Alicia Cappello

Maggie Gordon

Michael White

Wenyan Wu



Welcome to the Standards and Codes research guide. This guide will lead you to standards resources that are provided by the Library or freely available on the web.

CSA Standards

Queen's faculty, staff and students can access the full collection of CSA Standards via the Library's subscription. 

Important Note

The CSA Standards collection is on a new platform that recommends that downloaded PDF documents be opened using the desktop version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat and NOT the built in browser reader. Additionally, the PDF document cannot be accessed off campus. Please use the online version.

Do I Need a Standard?

Standards often contain information that is available in other sources. For example, formulas and properties can often be found in handbooks and other reference works. Before you request or purchase a standard, check with a librarian to see if the information you need is available in another source.  

Finding Standards

In order to locate a standard you need the following pieces of information: name or acronym of the standards developing organization (SDO), standard number, title of the standard, and date of standard. Consult the appropriate standards database (ASTM, IEEE, etc...) to locate the desired standard. Also check Omni for print standards located in Queen's University Library.

If you're looking for standards on a particular subject, search appropriate keywords ("smoke detectors" or "smoke alarms") in the search engines at the bottom of the page.

Standards Search Engines

If you can't locate a standard in any of our print and online resources, try one of the following standards search engines.