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French Language & Literature

Book Reviews

Book reviews can be found in the following JOURNALS located in Stauffer Library - Bound Journals. Newest issues of the journals are located in Current Periodicals.
Australian Journal of French Studies
PQ1.A8 from 1965-
Documentation critique sur les écrivains contemporains de la langue française
Canadian Modern Language Review
PB1.C3t from 1944-
PN80.D5 (1971-1978) (Microfilm Stauffer)
PN80.D5 (1979-1999) (Bound journals)
Online from 1971-
Forum for Modern Language Studies
PN2.F74 (1965 - 2004)
Online from 1996-
French Review
PC2001.F75 from 1927-
Online (1927-2004)
French Studies
PQ1.F85 (1947-2003)
Online from 1996-
Modern Language Notes (MLN)
PB1.M59 (1886-2000)
Online (1886-1961)
Online from 1962-
La nouvelle revue française
AP20.N85 from 1953-
Repère Canadian resource
Online from 1980-
REF AI7.P64t (1994-1999) microforme
Reviews are listed under the heading Livres- Comptes rendus. The electronic database corresponds to the printed indexes: Periodex and Radar (1973-1983: REF F5400.R3) which united to form Point de Repère (1984-1993: REF AI7.P64t microfiche) and was continued by Repère (1994-1999).
Revue d'histoire littéraire de la France
PQ2.R4 from 1894 -
Year's Work in Modern Language Studies
REF PB6.M68 (1930-2002)