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French Studies

Literary Criticism

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
REF PN681.5 .C57 (7 volumes)
Excerpts of criticism on works of world authors from classical antiquity to the end of the 14th century including first appraisals and current evaluations.
Contemporary Literary Criticism
REF PN771 .C59 (multiple volumes)
Excerpts of criticism on world authors who are living and those who died after December 31, 1959.
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism from 1997- (full-text version of the 1994 paper edition)
Comprehensive survey of ideas and scholars from Plato to modern times, including developments in other disciplines that have shaped literary theory and criticism. International in scope, but emphasis is on Western critical theory.
Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800
REF PN86 .L53 1984
Excerpts from criticism of the works of fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth-century novelists, poets, playwrights, philosophers, and other creative writers, from the first published critical appraisals to current evaluations
Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
REF PN761 .N5
Excerpts of criticism on novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers, philosophers, scriptwriters and other creative writers who died between 1800 and 1899. Includes first-published critical appraisals and current evaluations.
Twentieth-Century Literature Criticism
REF PN771 .G27
Excerpts of criticism on world authors who died between 1900 and 1960