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Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)

Information Resources and Management for Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)

What is Google Scholar

Google Scholar Important Note: If you're not using the Queen's Network (i.e. Outside Queen's Campus), please make sure to log in Queen's University Library Proxy Server before you start searching so you can have access to the library's subscriptions.

Google Scholar searches for articles, books, technical reports, patents and preprints matching your keywords. You can also use "Advanced Google Scholar Search" to search by date, author name, publication title, specific subject and many other fields as shown below


Google Scholar give you options to refine your search to limit with dates





Advance Google Scholar Search

Searching for [engineering design] resulted in About 6,030,000 results so you need to refine this search in order to select the most relevant sources for your assignment. The Advanced Search option is available in the results window from the left menu.

The advanced search window provides you with more options to refine the search with author name, journal name, other keywords, and year of publication.