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Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)

Information Resources and Management for Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)


Suppliers Directories

You may need to get products specifications and prices for your project and assignments, you can check the following websites to find business listings and products' information.

​​​​​​​Company and Industry

Data and reports on national, provincial and metropolitan economic trends & forecasts, industries, organizational performance and public policy issues. Browse by Topic (menu on the left) to view the ’Industry Sector Economics’ link.  Free registration required.

Mergent Online
company profiles and financials, industry sector reports, economic research, and the Investext module - equity analyst reports on global public companies.

Investext search tip: +Keywords. In the drop-down menu, choose where you want to search for the keyword (Headline or Whole Report
   Multiple keywords in one search box => searched as a phrase
   Multiple keywords separated by comma => results will contain all keywords (but not necessarily next to each other)