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Technical Reports

What is a Technical Report?

A technical report is a document that gives an account of the results or the progress of a research and/or development investigation. Where appropriate, it draws conclusions and makes recommendations, and is initially submitted to the person or organization for whom the work was carried out. Commonly, a technical report bears a number which identifies both the report and the issuing organization.

Technical Reports Websites

Many technical reports are available online for free.

National Technical Reports Library (NTRL)
NTRL contains records for 3 million US federal technical reports dating back to 1964 and approximately 800,000 full-text reports, mainly from 1995 forward.

NSCEP/NEPIS - EPA's Gateway to Free Digital & Paper Publications

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
Includes current and historical aerospace literature (technical reports, journal articles, conference papers, images, photos, etc.) back to 1915.

The US government gateway to government sciencific information and research results.

Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL)
This site provides access to US federal reports up to 1975.

Virtual Technical Reports Center / University of Maryland Libraries
A browseable site by institutions for technical reports, e-prints, reprints, dissertations, theses and research reports.