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Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)

Information Resources and Management for Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)

Why evaluate?

You've found some resources for your project but are they appropriate for your research? It's easy to find articles in databases and websites on the Internet, but are they reliable? 

When using electronic documents found on the World Wide Web, the evaluation process is more important than ever since anyone who has an account on a computer linked to the Internet can put up a home page or a World Wide Web document. They don't have to be intelligent or knowledgeable, scholarly or authoritative, and in many cases, the "information" they put on these pages does not have to pass any kind of scrutiny or editing process by their Internet service provider.

With so much information available, both print and online, researchers need to develop skills in evaluating the resources they locate.You should always examine your books, articles, and websites to determine whether they are reliable and appropriate for your research needs.