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Art Conservation

Welcome! This is a selective guide of tools to help you do research in Art Conservation.

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Inuit whalebone sculpture: Daniel Nookiguak - Stauffer Library. Photo credit: Lucinda Walls

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Course Guides

ARTC801: chemistry resources for Art Conservation

Library of Congress Classifications for Art Conservation

LC classification for Art Conservation covers A-Z. To search LC subject headings, choose Subject Heading in QCATHyphen between heading and subheading unnecessary:

Antiquities -- Collection and preservation: CC135
Architecture -- Conservation and restoration: NA105 - NA109
Art -- Conservation and restoration: N8555 - N8580
Art objects: NK
Books: Z700 - Z701
Color: QC
Historic buildings: TH3301 - TH3411
Manuscripts: Z110 .C7
Material culture: GN406 - GN442
Monuments -- Preservation: N8850 - N9084
Museum conservation methods: AM141 - AM148
Museum techniques: AM151 - AM153
Paintings -- Conservation and restoration: ND1630 - ND1660
Paper -- Preservation: Z701, TS1109, etc.
Photographs -- Conservation and restoration: TR465
Prints -- Conservation and restoration: NE380
Sculpture -- Conservation and restoration: NB1199
Textile industry and fabrics: NK8804