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Art Conservation

Selected Art Conservation Websites

Within the Department of Canadian Heritage, CHIN includes the Canadian Conservation Institute and the Conservation Information Network's bibliographic database BCIN. Also includes Artefacts Canada and  Artists in Canada.
Freely accessible platform, through the support of the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, to generate and disseminate vital resources for those working to preserve cultural heritage worldwide.
Getty Conservation InstituteIncludes the bibliographic database AATA Online (under Publications & Resources)
ICCROMInternational Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
ICOMInternational Council of Museums
ICOMOSInternational Council on Monuments and Sites
Institute of Conservation. Created in 2005 by convergence of the following: the Care of Collections Forum, the Institute of Paper Conservation (IPC), the Photographic Materials Conservation Group, the Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration (SSCR) and the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (UKIC).
Includes Research Guide for Arts & Art History, which links to relevant websites under guides for Art Conservation, Fashion & Apparel Studies, Material Culture and Museum Studies.
WAACWestern Association for Art Conservation

Educational Sites for Art Conservation