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Art Conservation

Finding Conferences

Use the subheading “congresses” in a Keyword Boolean search for all types of proceedings

icom and congress? [truncated for singular or plural]

iccrom and congress?

“canadian conservation institute” and congress?

"american institute" and conservation and congress?

Lacona and congress? [for lasers in the conservation of artworks series]

textile? and postprints and congress?

Finding Books and Conferences

Search QCAT, the catalogue of the Queen's University Library, by author, title, keyword, subject, or call number to find books, conferences, exhibition catalogues and other materials in our collection.
Search by Keyword Boolean to find books on topics or information in other formats, especially if you don't know the correct subject heading, or specific author or title.  Use Keyword Boolean operators and”, “or”, “not to combine terms, to do phrase searching or truncation of terms.
Narrow or refine search by adding other terms: e.g.
      painting and restoration
      art and conservation and congresses      
Broaden search using the "?" symbol to truncate for variable word endings (e.g. nouns, adjectives, singular or plural) or by using "or" between similar or possible terms nested in brackets: e.g.
        icom and congress? (hint: add "congress?" to the name of any organization or type of conference - e.g: glass and ceramics and congress?)
        textile? and (silk or cotton)
        papermaking and (hand or manual)*
        wood and deteriorat? and (conservation or preservation)
        art and conservation and video? (for all types of videorecordings)
        caravaggio and exhibition? and ottawa
* Note the nested (i.e. bracketed) search for similar or possible terms, in conjunction with your and term.
Use quotes around a phrase or concept: e.g.
         "iron gall ink"
         "material culture" and (aborigin? or indigen? or native or "first nation?")
Limit large result sets by library location or by using "not": e.g.
         painting? and restor? and oil not acrylic
         glass and conservation not ceramic?
         "material culture" (can further limit to a library - e.g. "Stauffer" or "Art Collection" )
From your QCAT results, select useful titles and click on the Subject Headings assigned to find other books on your topic.